Finding and using free images for a website

Whenever a writer creates an article or some other type of content, they usually choose or collect images that are related to the specific idea they are writing about. They know that getting the attention of visitors is one of the most important things when it comes to selling. Every visitor will notice an attractive image.

Whenever attractive images are used on a blog or site it’s a smart move to name these images according to their meaning. Obviously, pictures of cats should be named cats and some specific thing that describes the cat on that particular image. The same goes for pictures of babies and other pictures. In this way, you will improve the ranking in search engine results. Of course, the images you use must be interesting and related to the written content. There is no point in adding photography that is not related to the content.

In the recent period, digital camera technology has reached a new level that allows us to take some impressive photos even if we are amateur photographers. In other words, if you have a camera like this, you can take photos on your own. This is one of the simplest ways to get free photos.

There are many people that use Wikimedia Commons for this purpose. This platform is used for finding free images that come with Creative Commons license. It’s very easy to find the images you want because they are divided into different categories like location, topic, license, source, and author.

If you are looking for free stock photos, you can also try Flickr. This is actually a social network with millions of users that share their work with the world. Keep in mind that not all images found on Flickr are free. If you want to get free photos for commercial use you will have to select this option in the advanced search options. You can look for photos on Google too. Once again, make sure that you know what kind of license these photos have before you decide to use them.

Using images on your website depends on the platform your website is using. If you are like most people then you have probably selected some popular CMS like WordPress. Uploading images through these platforms is simple. In order to get the best results, use the same dimensions for all images.